Mataky Surf Co. Branding Strategy
  •  Audience reach was too broad

  • Unclear mission and branding

  • No market/product strategy in place 


  • Narrowed audience and customer personas creating more targeted marketing strategies

  • Produced a clear and concise mission statement

  • Strategically decided on product focus based on mission/audience

  • Created an overall branded look to carry through all platforms

Return on Investment

What started as a hobby for this client, quickly turned into the desire for a wider reach. The idea was there, but the branding and audience needed to be built from the ground up. Giving this client’s company a brand, purpose, and targeted strategy has allowed them to grow their hobby into a true business. 

Salt & Light Logo Redesign
  • Did not stand out in a growingly competitive area

  • Overall look was flat and dated

  • Branding wasn’t accurately portrayed 


  • Redesign allowed them to stand out while still being on brand

  • Modern design elevated their restaurant in a saturated area


Return on Investment

The previous logo for this client was dated and not getting the attention it deserved in an evolving area.  This update allowed our client to be better aligned with the changing times, while also setting them apart in a growingly competitive location.