We’ve been seeing a lot more new faces around here lately! In honor of all you wonderful people, here are 3 things about us. Comment and tell us a little bit about yourself as a filmmaker, small business, or couple planning a wedding! What do you do, or what struggles are you currently facing? We wanna know.

Photo by: Kimberly Crist Photography

Hello! We’re Brendan and Chloe, the videography duo behind Oak & Pine Media.

It’s easy to get lost behind the scenes, but this year one of our goals is to show our faces around here a bit more. So we thought we’d start by introducing ourselves and telling you a little bit about Oak & Pine Media. Have questions for us? Leave them below in the comment section and we’ll answer!

We are married! (well… almost)

We’ve been dating for almost a decade and it all began in journalism class in high-school where we both met with the shared love for being behind a camera. The two of us made up the entire photo team for the high school year book, and almost 10 years later we’re still the same creative camera nerds who simply love creating cool stuff together. The best part is, we’ve made a living doing it! I guess we should have known that we wanted to start our own media company based on the track record of our interests and relationship, but we sorta figured it out along the way. Many what if’s, butt busting, and maybe a few beers in between — and here we are!

Reiterate: Camera Nerds

We both pursued creative careers both in college and after. Combined we have over 10 years of experience creating visual media. And in our free time you’ll most likely find us getting lost in a dessert somewhere with nothing but a… you guessed it… camera (and probably our dog Kaia too, but you get the point). Either way, we’re gear nerds so if you have any new gear you’re using that you really enjoy let us know! Trust us, we’ll be going over a lot of the gear we use and love with you in the next few months, stay tuned.

(Photo of our beloved dog-child Kaia, for reference.)

We have been dreaming of starting our own business for a very, very long time…

It was always a very strange concept to us that the world takes amazingly creative and inspired people and plants them behind a desk for their entire lives. We tried the 9-5 for a long time, and it just never clicked. We wanted to get out and create content constantly while experimenting and learning. The creative culture we craved was found during passion projects and while hustling on the side doing freelance work here and there. One day we had a freelance shoot that we both took the day off of our corporate jobs for in order to shoot. I think that day was when everything really clicked and we realized, okay we really need to work for ourselves. After over a year of simultaneously working full-time and building a business, the result was something pretty amazing. We LOVE what we do, and now we work together and do what we’re passionate about as our ‘9-5’ (let’s be real more like 5-9) and we could not be happier.

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