We know wedding planning can be overwhelming, you’re expected to know about so many different things that you’ve never had to think about. When it comes to videography, here are a five different ideas that you could incorporate into your wedding day to ensure your videographer (and photographer) is getting really great content to include in your final wedding film.

1. Getting Ready

A lot of couples are nervous about what this means when they see it included in a videography package. Trust me, your wedding videographer wants to make sure your video highlights these moments and is not looking to include embarrassing footage of you.

Getting ready footage can be a beautiful touch to include in your video. These are the finishing touches — mother of the bride buttoning the last button on the brides wedding dress, your bridesmaids or groomsmen seeing their best friend or sibling all ready to get married. These little moments add so much excitement to you final wedding film, and capture all of the anticipation and sweet moments with friends and family leading up to your ceremony.

2. First Look

Depending on your outlook on traditions, you may be considering doing a first look on your wedding day. If you both as a couple feel comfortable with the idea of seeing each other before the ceremony, then 1000% do a first look. This is such a great moment to capture intimate emotion and excitement between you and yours.

Whether you see each other first during the ceremony, or before, it’s always a beautiful moment. However, having the first look does allow your videographer to get awesome footage of both of your reactions without some of the obstacles the ceremony can have.

3. Private Vows or Love Letters

Private vows or love letters are not something known to everyone. We LOVE filming these — here’s how they work and how you could include them into your wedding video.

Love letters are a really sweet way of capturing the pre-ceremony emotions of your soon-to-be-spouse — something you won’t actually get to see on the actual day. You write each other a love letter to read before your ceremony. The videographer can record the audio of you reading your letter and include that emotional moment into your wedding film.

Private vows are great after your first look. You and your partner are alone for a minute and get to speak your vows that you wrote to each other privately. This is honestly one of my favorite moments throughout the day, it’s so special to share that moment together alone and really take in the true meaning of the day. This also allows your videographer to capture really great audio of your vows to incorporate into your video.

To see an example of how this audio can be used, watch the vlog below.

4. Taking Advantage of Golden Hour

Golden hour is a little window an hour or so leading up to sunset that accounts for THE best light of the entire day. I’m talking make-you-look-like-a-movie-star kind of light. If you can carve out even a half-hour of time for you and your partner to run into the woods and get some couple moments together in this light, absolutely do it.

Golden hour footage will be the most cinematic looking footage in your film. It’s also not the worst thing in the world to break away from the party for a bit to have a sentimental moment as newly weds.

5. Speeches and Toasts

Speeches and toasts are an amazing way to incorporate more of the memories of your friends and family. Emotional speeches of you both thanking your guests for coming, or your parents getting up and giving you their blessing, or your best friend embarrassing you both in front of everyone — these are some amazing moments to capture.

If you plan on doing any of these, make sure you talk with your videographer about ways they can capture your speeches or toasts. These moments between you and your guests allow you to cherish everyone that came out to celebrate your day with you.

I hope this offered some insight into a few things you can do on your day that will ensure you’re getting really emotional and cinematic moments to incorporate into your wedding film. If you have any questions about other things you have planned and what the best way to have your videographer capture them, leave a comment below and we’ll answer!

If you'd like to see examples of each of these moments, make sure you watch our vlog post. If you enjoy our video, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss out on this must-have info for couples.


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