A question that we see all of the time is ‘What is the difference between a highlight wedding film and a documentary (or sometimes called feature) wedding film?’. We’re going to breakdown the pros and cons of each, and what the true differences are between the two.

Highlight Wedding Film

When you see videography packages a lot of times you’ll see ‘Highlight Film’ somewhere in there and you’re probably thinking what is that? Highlight wedding films are a newer, slightly trendier form of wedding videos that have become more and more common. Highlight films are a shorter, upbeat edit usually cut to music. We like to think of these almost as a music-video of your day.


+ Typically highlight wedding films are more budget-friendly.

+ They’re perfect for quickly sharing on social media or with family/friends.

+ A highlight wedding film will showcase all of the most stunning and upbeat moments of your day.


+ Because of the lower cost, these won’t have as much coverage of the day.

+ While being easy to share is awesome, these will be shorter videos usually 2-5 min long. So if you are looking for a longer film, definitely consider a documentary style wedding film.

+ Although highlight films are fast-paced and fun, sometimes they can not include some of more intimate moments of your day.

Documentary Wedding Film

We like to think of this style as instead of a music video of your day, you’re getting your own movie. Documentary wedding films (or sometimes called feature wedding films) are longer in length and still incorporate those upbeat moments, but are interwoven with more intimate moments throughout the day. An example of some of these moments would be you and your partner reading love letters to each other while you’re getting ready. (If you haven’t already, definitely check out our 5 Things to Include In Your Wedding Video blog post.)


+ Simply put, it’s longer and contains much more coverage of your day.

+ It incorporates those really emotional moments between you both, your friends, and your family.

+ Documentary wedding films incorporate all of the same stunning and upbeat footage a highlight film would include, but interwoven with the priceless little moments in-between.


+Because they are longer and include more video coverage, audio coverage, and post production, these documentary wedding films tend to be pricer.

+ Documentary films can be harder to share because of their length. Make sure your videographer gives you a highlight film for sharing, or tips on the best way to share your wedding film with friends and family.

+ Not everyone wants the intimate moments of their day captured on film, or likes audio in their videos, we get it! Highlight films are perfect for our more camera-shy couples.

At the end of the day, both styles of wedding films are going to be filled with beautiful memories you can cherish forever. If you’re still unsure of which you think is best for you, work with your videographer and they can help you figure that out! Don’t be afraid to ask questions, that’s what we’re here for!


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