Discover YOUR Wedding Brand With These 7 Easy Steps

Are you in the process of planning your wedding but you’re struggling with coordinating all of the little details? I’m going to share with you 7 easy steps to creating a brand for you wedding that’ll serve as the guidelines for what your wedding will look like, and ensure your guests will be talking about how amazing your wedding experience was. Let's get into it!

Before I was a videographer I was actually a professional graphic designer and did branding design for many companies large and small. I know when you hear the word ‘branding’ you’re probably thinking something more corporate and professional. But that’s not necessarily the case — especially these days. I like to think of branding as creating an experience, and what better to apply that to than a wedding?

Now you’re probably thinking why should I brand my wedding? Well a lot of what I’m going to talk about are actually steps involved in the entire wedding planning process, but if you have a brand and give yourself and vendors specific guidelines of what you want your wedding to feel like, it’ll actually save you a lot of time and uncertainty on the little things and allow you to focus on what’s most important.

You're spending so much time, energy, and money on your day, so why not make it as meaningful and captivating as possible? Plus, your wedding video and photos will be even more striking when centered around a brand! 

Let’s talk about some things you can do to ensure your wedding will perfectly represent you and your partner.

Step 1: What makes you and your partner you?

All your memories together create the story of you as a couple. The whole aim of creating this ‘brand’ for your wedding is finding a way to share that story with your guests. A great place to start, could just be looking around your home and noticing the things that you and your partner surround yourselves with that are important to you. Or better yet, grab a bottle of wine and spend a night reminiscing on all of your favorite memories together.

Step 2: Create a Mood Board

A mood board is a collection of images that you like or strike a good emotion in you. A plus of this step is it’s super easy to share your mood board with your wedding planner or vendors to help give them an idea of what inspired your vision for you wedding.

I’ve created a free, downloadable mood board template below to help get you started!

Download PD • 56KB

Step 3: Come up with a color scheme

Take a look at your mood board, do you see a theme in colors popping up? Maybe you’ve both gravitated towards beautiful nature photos with moody editing and love the look of deep greens. If you’re not seeing any themes starting to develop, think about the mood you want to set. Maybe you want your wedding to feel really romantic and elegant, what colors give off that vibe? Deep reds, gold etc.

Once you have 3-4 colors you really like, order them from favorite to less favorite and include these on your mood board too!

Step 4: Pick Your Typography

Now that you’re starting to get a feel for your brand, let's think about fonts and printed materials. Some of these details include your invites, menus, welcome sign, seating chart etc. We want all of these elements to incorporate your brand and vibe to help create this experience for your guests. A great way of doing that is fonts. Think about your vibe, (we’ll return to the moody nature example) maybe it makes sense to use fonts that feel more ‘hand-drawn’. Or if you’re thinking more romantic theme, maybe you go with stunning calligraphy.

Step 5: Visual Elements & Decor

Visual elements are a great way to show the different elements that represent your story or interests. To help think of these you can return to your - you guessed it - mood board! Did you pull a bunch of pictures of the beach? Maybe you’ll include drawings of shells on your invites or as a little gift to your guests. Don’t be afraid to make these personal! If you both love to travel, include some polaroids of your travels on each table.

Little things like this will immerse everyone in your love story.

Step 6: Let's get digital

Now that you’ve figured out your brand (style, colors, typography and visual elements), let’s talk about how you can up your guests experience by creating a website with all of your brand elements included. This will give them some insight into what your day will be like and begin telling your story. It’s also just a really great resource for your guests to find all of the info they need in one spot — win win!

The other thing you can do is create an interactive experience for your guests through social media. Try coming up with a hashtag that goes along with your brand and story. Once you’ve both decided on one, make sure to include it on all of your guest-facing materials (invites website etc.). When your guests take a picture at your wedding and use your hashtag, all of the photos with that hashtag can be searched and looked at later! This is also a super fun way to see what a blast all of your guests had at your wedding.

Step 7: Florals & Wedding Party Attire

These elements are another great way to incorporate your branding. Finding flowers that match the brand colors you chose and also coordinating these with the wedding party attire is a sure-fire way to ensure you’re wedding is going to look in-tune with your story.

Branding your wedding might seem intimidating, but it can actually be a really fun experience for you and your partner. You’ll be so excited to include elements into your day that are meaningful to the both of you. It not only makes it really easy to decide on the details of your day once you have these guidelines in place, but it will also make it much easier for your vendors to know what your envisioning for your dream wedding.

Don't forget to snag your FREE mood board template! (There may be a little secret included in the instructions for you too!)

Download PD • 56KB


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